About us

Shenzhen MMIC Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (SZMMIC) is a fabless design house of RF/Microwave integrated circuits. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen. It has a R&D center in Chengdu and a branch office in Shanghai. It has independent property rights in IC design and a full set of equipment for slicing&testing.


Microwave integrated circuits are key devices in many fields such as Satellite Communications, Radars, Electronic Warfares and Private Networks. Relying on the strong technical strength of the company's entrepreneurial team, we are committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with independently developed high-frequency, high- performance, high-integration chips and modules. We are focusing on offering cost saving  and miniaturized products, thus our products are very popular and welcomed in the market. We are dedicated to becoming a world-class manufacturer in the field of radio frequency/ microwave/millimeter wave devices and systems.


Technolgy team:

8 engineers who have PH degrees, 12 engineers who have Masters degrees, all  with 8-12 years of experience. With professional knowledge and skills, our technology team is always ready to support clients with various requirements and needs.



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